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Captain Cook Drive is a Network of Roads and Communities Branching from Mortier and Burin Bays to Winterland. Captain Cook Drive encompasses the hub of the Peninsula with its active communities, rich history and folklore.

Over a period of five years (1763-1767) the famous navigator and cartographer Captain James Cook spent summers navigating the coasts of Newfoundland. His goal was to create the first accurate maps of the area, complete with sailing directions and advice on safe anchorage.

In order to keep an eye out for smugglers, illegal French fishing boats, and French and American mercenary vessels called, "privateers"; Captain Cook used one of the best vantage points in the Burin area. The lookout still bears his name and is open to visitors.

Captain Cook Drive extends east to Beau Bois Pronounced ("Bo Boys"). This was the areas major community in the early 19th century; it is a nice community with a long beach and protected harbour.

Jerome Walsh's Museum is located on cozy fishing premises a short distance outside of Little Bay. There is an excessive amount of personal items collected with detailed explanations in the relaxed style of Jerome.

While Visitors head west on route 222 heading inland to the Winterland Eco Museum with its outdoor natural history exhibit that has a wheelchair accessible footpath. Visitors will experience the expert interpretation of the flora and fauna. Why not check out the beautiful sandy beaches of Golden sands, which is located in close proximity.

Burin is a short drive south on Captain Cook Drive. The 13 coves and settlements that make up present-day Burin hold 300 years of history. In addition the communities, span a wide geographical area from the valley around salt pond to the steep cliffs of the "Scrape", the road intertwining the hills and the homes of historic burin.

Burin extends inland 8 km from the sea and is located on the west side of Burin Inlet. The Terrain radiates unbelievable views of the bay, protected from the open sea by offshore islands. The sceneries that now impress visitors were a welcome site to the earliest guests, providing shelter from wind and storm. Basque fishermen have been said to have visited Burin as far back as 1650.

Experts believe that Burin was named by a French sailor whom while standing on the deck of a ship holding an awl type tool and was astonished by the resemblance between the burine and the harbour the ship was entering.

By 1740, there were four British ships operating out of the Burin and Mortier Harbours. The settlement was formed when over 300 people began spending their winters in Burin. The fishery became the basis for the Burin economy, and by the early 20th century the community became the chief town on the peninsula, with it's prosperous inshore and bank fishery.

A blend of the old and the new has become the slogan for Burin. Its Heritage Homes give a visitor tremendous insight into the history of Burin and the Island of Newfoundland. The Heritage House is one of the provinces best museums, with displays about education, commerce, and lifestyle. Across the way in the old Bank of Nova Scotia Building, Heritage 2, there's a 1929 Tidal Wave exhibit, traveling displays of rural Newfoundland, and a large array of other artifacts.

The Historic Man `O War Hill is another splendid vantage point. There are boat tours offered to travel around nearby islands in Burin Bay. Burin's Heritage Weekend is a yearly event, culminating on Burin Day, the second Monday of August.

Fox Cove/Mortier and Port au Bras are just north. Southwest again on route 220 leads to Lewin's Cove, site of the admired Freshwater Pond Park, and through the communities of Salmonier and Epworth to the end of Captain Cook Drive. Corbin, an abandoned fishing community, is a popular cabin and cottage area.


Winterland: Eco Museum, Golden Sands beach
Lewin's Cove: Freshwater Pond Park
Burin: Captain Cook Lookout, Man o' War Hill, Oldest Colony Trust Building, Heritage Houses
Little Bay: Jerome Walsh's Museum


July and August:
Burin: Sunday Afternoon Entertainment on the Heritage Grounds
Burin: Burin Peninsula Festival of Folk, Song and Dance (2nd week in July)
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